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A Place to Talk About it

Counselling for Depression, Anxiety & Trauma


"One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star."

Friedrich Nietzsche


Understanding Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety, Depression and the Medical Model

In many professional context Depression and Anxiety are understood through a biomedical narrative that frames human emotion as a pathological mental illness. Complex feelings of ‘sadness’, ‘fear’, ‘despair’ and ‘grief’ are viewed as abnormal responses. At A Place to Talk About it, all help begins from the notion that what you are experiencing is a characteristic of the human condition.You will have a space to speak in depth about you pain, tend to emotional wounds and begin healing.     

Anxiety & Depression as the Human Condition 

Depression is a painful experience. It is often the realisations that something in our life has gone wrong. This agonising pain can become overwhelming and cause a period of social withdrawal and isolation. Reaching out for help often feels too risky. These painful feelings may highlight a serious discrepancy between what we thought our life was and what it actually is. At A Place to Talk About it, I offer a reflective space where you can contemplate difficult life experiences, express feelings, process trauma, identify confusions and resolve discrepancies


Counselling for Anxiety & Depression

My therapeutic approach is best described as ‘Existential Analytic”. Our meetings will be an opportunity to reflect upon and explore the complexity of your emotions with regards to your unique history and current situation. This may include ‘trauma’, ‘anxiety’ ‘relationships’, ‘meaning’, ‘life purpose’, ‘love’, ‘death’, ‘freedom’, ‘isolation’, ‘power’, ‘sex’, 'sexuality' and ‘sexual trauma’.

The therapeutic space may be used to acknowledge suffering, grieve losses and consider your future existence. I offer a Place to Talk About it, where suffering and turmoil can lead to insight, empowerment, problem solving, self-acceptance and a freedom to choose your own path and constructively manage life experiences.

Private Counseling

A Happier, Healthier You

Our first meeting will last 1 hour and will be used for the purpose of an assessment. I will gather some of your personal details and provided you with some information regarding the treatment process. You will then have an opportunity to ask question and begin sharing you reason for seeking help. We will then discuss treatment options and agreed a plan going forward.       

Benefits of Counselling 

  • improved communication and interpersonal skills

  • greater self-acceptance and self-esteem

  • ability to change self-defeating behaviors/habits

  • better expression and management of emotions, including anger

  • relief from depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions

  • increased confidence and decision-making skills

  • ability to manage stress effectively

  • improved problem-solving and conflict resolution abilities

Services & Fee’s

Skype Counselling - £55.00

Counselling - £60.00   

Intensive Counselling Package

Here For You

If you are unable to make a commitment to weekly counselling the intensive package may be a more appropriate option. Depending on your struggles and what is agreed at the assessment we will spend between 1 and 3 days focusing solely on the issues that are affecting your life. Each day starts at 10am, finished at 19.00pm and consists of 5 individual 50min treatment session.   

Services & Fee’s

1 day Intensive Counselling Package- £300

2 day Intensive Counselling Package- £500

3 day Intensive Counselling Package - £700

The 6 Week Well-Being Workshop

Begin your Journey

Well-being begins with an examination of the relationships you have with yourself. This 6 day workshop will help you take an in-depth look at the relationship you have developed with yourself.  You will reflect upon pain caused by historical trauma, evaluate and challenge limiting narratives, reconsider notions of self and begin exploring  your life's meaning and purpose. 


 Fee’s & Services

The 6 day Well-Being Workshop - £1000.00 per person ( 10.00-17.00)

Group Therapy

A supportive Environment

This therapeutic group is for people experiencing depression. It is a closed group comprised of 6-8 members. It is an organic and relational experience where worldly and group struggles are expressed and explored in depth. Through dialogue the group becomes a supportive holding space that facilitates the following benefits;

* The sharing of thoughts and feelings

* Establishing dialogue and dialogical process

* Entering taboo areas (death, sexuality) which are not able to be talked about elsewhere.

* Recognising shared experiences and gaining insight and comfort from this

* Developing a universal perspective shared by group members. For example, the group can support members who are experiencing depressive feelings.

* Offering mutual support where possible

* Making mutual demands when the need arises

* Providing space in the group for individuals to problem solve

* Providing space in the group for rehearsal, this is trying out solutions before they try them in the ‘real life’.

* Becoming more resilient by recognising strengths in other member

through participation.

Services & Fee

1 Saturday per month (9am-10.30am) for 12 treatment sessions over 1 year- £30.00 per session  

Benefit from my professional experience and wide range of psychological services.


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