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Intensive Group Psychotherapy 

Long-term Group Psychotherapy is a powerful therapeutic experience that benefits individuals undergoing mental health difficulties. Having a network of individuals who have experienced similar difficulties reduces the feeling of isolation. Group Psychotherapy facilitates the development of alliances, understanding, helpful perspectives, meaningful relationships and a space to express and work through emotional distress.

If you are seeking help and would like to become a group member you will be making a two-year commitment. It is a small group and will consist of no more than 8 Members. The group will meet once a week via zoom at 7pm for one hour and one Saturday per month, face to face for an intensive afternoon/evening of group psychotherapy.    

Benefits of Long-Term Intensive Group Psychotherapy       

Working with a therapist in long term, intensive group psychotherapy will provide you with consistent care from a dedicated professional and supportive network of individuals. The benefits of joining a therapy group are as follows:

  • Build self-esteem by helping others with their emotional struggles

  • Feel supported and cared for by others in your time of need

  • Express emotional pain and have it understood by others who have experienced similar thoughts and feelings

  • Build communication skills that facilitate a deeper way of communicating

Work through problems where different perspective can provided insight and self-awareness.   

Group Therapy: About Therapy
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